July 02, 2012

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August 05, 2011

OOTD: floral & berries

Just a quick peek at a casual look I wore the other day. I can never be bothered ironing my stuff - abayas never need ironing thanks to their crepe material make-up but scarves on the other hand usually need a quick press - something I can't be bothered doing...

Crushed berry icy drink - don't know what its actual name is. Let's just call it "delicious"!

Abaya ~ Hegab Rehab
Scarf ~ Pearl Daisy
Ring ~ Prouds

August 03, 2011

Veil Vision giveaway

Veil Vision are giving away one of their Salmon & Sunshine silk chiffon scarves to one lucky Hegab Rehab reader. Read below to find out how to get your entry in.

To enter follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for the Veil Vision newsletter on their homepage.
  2. Follow them on twitter.
  3. Email giveaway@veilvision.com with the answer to this question: "Why you would prefer a vintage scarf over a non-vintage scarf?"

August 01, 2011

Oh, fanciness!

So I went ahead and bought it. Some of the reasoning you guys gave in the comments helped me give in to my desires, lol. It came delivered in the signature Net-A-Porter black box and ribbons. It came so quick! I ordered it Thursday and it was delivered today (Monday). Extra quick shipping, but then again the shipping fee was $40 so you would kinda expect that.

Inside was the smaller Yves Saint Laurent box with my ring. I was so excited to take it out of the box.

I decided to get the golden brown stoned version of the YSL Arty gold plated glass ring. It matches my wedding rings (same hue of yellow gold) and the brown stone would match a lot more of my clothing than the other stone colours would and considering I paid a lot for it I needed something that would be versatile enough to match most of my outfits.

It is even stamp engraved in the back with the YSL logo:

It is a pretty big ring, a bit heavy but worth it.

I have to balance it out with chunky jewellery because it is so huge:

I love the gold metallic flecks inside the stone - very different to the other plain coloured versions I have seen.

So happy with my purchase!

July 29, 2011

OOTD: Out to breakfast we go!

I went out to Fremantle and had breakfast with my sister yesterday. I hardly ever go out and have breakfast (actually I hardly ever even eat breakfast) so it was a bit weird sitting in a cafe at 9am, but it was pouring rain outside so a hot meal and drink was a welcome respite from the cold.

I ordered berry pancakes and a cappuccino. These pancakes were out of this world.

Here is what I wore:

Necklace ~ Sportsgirl.
Hijab ~ Alexandria, Egypt.
Abaya ~ Hegab Rehab.
Bag ~ Guess.

July 27, 2011

Budgeting for your wardrobe

Have you ever wanted something so bad, but thought to yourself "Don't be stupid! It is too expensive and you would be just wasting your money!"?

Well that is how I feel now. You see, I want this:
Can you say delicious? I know some people will not see the beauty in the ring above and will think it is one giant smushed in hunk of metal but I love it. I love the unusual looking things of this world - I like things a little bit quirky and imperfect. It really catches my eye.

Ah, one gorgeous YSL ring that shall set me back about $250.

Sounds like a lot, right? I took myself through the motions of "NO. $250. Are you crazy?! Do you know how many things you could buy with that money instead of splurging on a mere ring?" and then decided that, no, I will not get it.

Until I started going over the last week in my head...

Took relatives out to Nandos = $70. My turn to shout my friend out for coffee and cake at San Churros = $27. Went out for lunch at Dome with my sister = $55. Bought a cheap pair of black harem pants to wear under my abaya = $30. Bought takeaway food for dinner because I got home late and was too tired to cook = $40. Went out to dinner with the husband the next night to a local Malaysian place = $60. Went to movies with a friend = $35. Going to movies again this Thursday = another $35. Also going out to dinner with a friend later this week = probably another $40ish. That's a total of $317 right now and I still haven't listed all the things I bought this past week. So yeah, I guess I could afford that gold ring and as expensive as it first seemed, at least it would last me until the day I die, where as the $300+  I just spent on socialising in the last seven days is goney-gone-gone forever with nothing to show for it.

I don't usually go after designer goods. Name brands mean pretty much nothing to me - a bag is a bag - a shoe is a shoe - but sometimes I get shopper's lust when I come across certain pieces and these things usually come with a higher price tag. I always end up pushing the idea from my head, because even though I have the money for the item, I always end up feeling guilty about spending so much on something that I decide is frivilous, so I talk myself out of buying it and then later spend the money on dinners, lunches and meet-ups without even realising it.

Ahhhhh, time to get my stuff sorted. I think I am going to reel in my unconscious spending habits and start saving my money up for a wardrobe rainy day. It would be nice to have the odd designer piece hanging in your closet for those special occassions.

And I totally just realised that my tax return is coming my way sometime next week. Looks like I might be getting my ring after all. Thank you, Tax Time.

EDIT: Ah, you know what? I feel like crap. Here I am talking about a stupid ring when people are starving in the world. I just looked at the little guy in the pic to the right and started crying. I look at that picture and think of my own baby. She is currently in her bed asleep, safe and warm. She isn't skin and bones like the child in the picture - she is quite the chubby bubby thanks to all the food and milk she has access to. We only have to walk to our own kitchen to feed her. What about this poor little guy and all the others like him?

I feel quite selfish now for crapping on about a stupid ring. There are way more important things to focus on. Thank you ever so much to all the people that have donated so far. I really hope all the money we raise really and truly changes someone's life - even if it only one person.

God help them.

July 07, 2011

3abaya.com Collection

3abaya.com have the fanciest, classiest and most gorgeous abayas I have ever laid my eyes on. They come at a high price, so they are not for everyone but they are some of the up and coming top designer brands when it comes to the abaya industry, so you wouldn't expect them to come cheaply.

They carry designs from designers such Sweety, Effa, Malaak, Dibaj... the list goes on and on. They are basically Net-a-Porter for abayas - a very smart idea.

Here are a sample of my favourites from the site:

A few from Effa...
The first two are priced at $654 each - $790 for the last one. The one in the middle is probably the sexiest abaya I have ever seen. You would be all covered up but so stylish. Love it. I would never take it off - you would have to peel it off my skin.

More from Effa:

Love the pink, so dainty - $680. The middle red is $760. Blue is $707.

The next abayas are from Sweety. These are possibly the cutest, girliest abayas out there.

The delicious green abaya on the left is $545, middle is $762 and the fun little piece on the right is also $762. 

Malaak abayas are some of the most sophisticated and feminine on there. I love love love these designs:

Chinatown on the left is $925. Retro Peach in the middle is $940. My favourite on the end - April Flower is $953.

Some cuties from the fun Songes collection:

Fusion Fuchsia on the left - $788, Purple Illusion in the middle is $788 and my favourite, Soho, at the end is $570.

They have so many more on the website so make sure you check them out! Also all of their stuff is custom made to your size so you know it will fit perfectly.

Which do you like?